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How many times have you saved a file on your local machine and, a few days or weeks later wasted time trying to find that file? Modern operating systems have search capabilities but most are not very user friendly and they are typically slow. Today third party desktop search engines are adding new features and functionality, finding their way on to business and personal machines. These tools work similarly to the popular Internet search engines only they allow you to search your local computer. As we will discuss in this podcast, our third in a 10-part series detailing technologies to watch for 2006, well known companies like Google and Yahoo and some other not so well known companies are making inroads onto our computer desktops.
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There's a disruptive new technology on the horizon, and it's called micro-commerce. Microcommerce allows vendors to sell low-ticket items at a profit, changing the way e-business is conducted, allowing for value-added content and providing new business models for online sellers. As we will discuss in this podcast, our second in a 10-part series detailing technologies to watch for 2006, one need only look to Apple’s iTunes as evidence that microcommerce has already become big business. By offering products, information, or services for a small subscription or a one-time fee, many businesses see great potential for phenomenal growth. Online retailers aren’t abandoning the cash cow that e-commerce has become, but they’re paying a lot more attention to micro-commerce’s potential to become cash mice.
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Instant Messaging or IM, once the domain of generation X and generation Y is quickly becoming a mainstream business application. While this technology has been a great boon to businesses, increasing productivity and streamlining efficiency there is a darkside. Chief among potential corporate headaches are manageability, security, interoperability and records retention. In this, the first of a 10 part series detailing technologies to watch for 2006, we provide a review of IM history, usage, trends vulnerabilities and future solutions.
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