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Perspectives on Technology and Education from Gordon F. Snyder, Jr. & Mike Qaissaunee

Todays gamers are not the gamers of the old pong days. High performance graphics, processors, controllers, I/O and network connectivity make many games appear anything but virtual. This show gives updates on new products from Sony and Nintendo and also discusses Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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This show brings technology updates on past shows along with recent news items that affect Information and Communications Technology and Information and Communications Technology enabled industries.

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With increasing business and consumer adoption of internet telephony (more commonly called voice over internet protocol or VoIP) and recent revelations regarding the NSAĆ¢??s domestic spying program, one begins to wonder - how secure are VoIP calls?  In this podcast we discuss the differences between public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and VoIP, security concerns regarding VoIP traffic, the potential for blocking voice traffic and potential security threats posed by Skype and other VoIP clients.

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