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Show 18: Web 2.0 Spawns Office 2.0 [33:08]

In the mid 1990's Oracle and Sun Microsystems developed and promoted the concept for a Network Computer (NC).  Unfortunately, the revolutionary idea did not make sense offering a fraction of the functionality provided by a regular Personal Computer (PC), at a similar purchase price and the networks of the day could not support it. Recent developments, including greater adoption of high-speed internet, a new programming model for web-based user interfaces called AJAX and a killer application for it — Gmail — are now bringing new life to this concept. The idea is pretty simple: use a generic web browser and a set of online services to provide all the functionality needed by a computer user, removing the need for any application or data for that matter to be installed on the computer itself. Thus is born Office 2.0.

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This blogcast discusses low cost computers for emerging markets in developing countries. The term being tossed around by the major manufacturers is  the next billion and refers to the approximate number of low cost computers that will be sold in the next decade in coutries like China, Brazil and Egypt.
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On Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives voted 269-152 against the net neutrality amendment, a bill sponsored by Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey. A yes vote would have required broadband providers (Telco's, Cable Companies, etc) to offer the same service speeds to competitors that they provide to partners. The telcos and cable companies in particular lobbied heavily inside the beltway and it appears to have paid off. This was not without some push back - according to CIO.COM at the last minute several technology and service companies sent a letter to House members asking for net neutrality support. Among those companies signing that letter were Microsoft and eBay and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers – a large and influential venture capital firm.

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