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In this Video Podcast. MATEC Executive Director Michael Lesiecki discusses the past, current and future of the SAME-TEC Conference in Austin, Texas. You can get more information on SAME-TEC and MATEC at www.same-tec.org

More Info on SAME-TEC

SAME-TEC is a unique event that provides national networking and collaboration between education and industry partners, to promote the viability of our high tech industries, through the development of a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Conference participants are given an up-close look at the ever-advancing tools, training demands, and recent developments in emerging and converging technology fields.

With this year's conference theme, we call attention to how different technologies are seamlessly converging into new all-encompassing technologies. High tech gadgets such as the Apple iPhone force us to fine-tune our focus as we endeavor to bring new technologies to our students and future employees. At SAME-TEC, faculty connect with each other to share practices, knowledge, and new approaches to help students succeed. Industry members connect with educators to ultimately help ensure students emerge into the workforce with the
knowledge and skills desired by themselves and employers. Exhibitors will connect with existing and potential clients to help determine current and future needs. SAME-TEC provides the venue for learning about seamless technologies and the forum for creating seamless connections.

Who Attends SAME-TEC?
  • Faculty in technology programs who want to learn about new technologies and how to expand their
    existing programs
  • College representatives, program development specialists, and counselors who are interested in
    creating more robust technology education programs and strategies for recruiting students
  • K-12 teachers who want to learn how to integrate advanced technology concepts into their existing
    science and math curriculum
  • Industry trainers and learning managers who want to gain insight into future training needs
  • Industry personnel investing in workforce education and training
  • Workforce development personnel from government, labor, business, and education who are involved
    in shaping workforce development programs
  • Individuals concerned with issues related to skill standards and employability

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