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Since the launch of Gmail and the (at the time) unheard of storage space of 2 gigabytes, a number of developers have created tools to allow users to use their Gmail accounts for file storage.  Examples include the GMail Drive shell extension, an add-on for the Firefox browser - Gmail Space, and even an equivalent for Mac OS X.  Each of these add-ons/applications allows users to seamlessly email files to their Gmail accounts, while appearing to the native OS as another drive. Likewise, there's been a lot of buzz about Google's launch of Google Spreadsheets , and their acquistion and integration of Upstartle and their online wordprocessor Writely. In this blogcast we discuss some of these online tools.

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The most recent issue of Wired magazine details six trends that are driving the global economy.  Not surprisingly, 5 of the 6 are spearheaded by ICT-enabled companies and rely on a number of technologies that we seem to be discussing with greater regularity (SOAP, AJAX and Web 2.0). In this podcast we discuss these important trends, and how they are reshaping the global economic landscape.

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