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Writely and other Google products like Google Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Gmail have become a pretty formidable combination. The only disadvantage at this time is you have to be online to use. Next year, with new browser versions coming out, things will change significantly.

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Jajah, started by Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes in 2004, is offering an interesting service that may challenge Skype and other similar products. Jajah provides a paid service that allows calls to be routed landline/cell to landline/cell in many parts of the world without long distance fees. Here’s how it works: Let’s say I’m a Jajah customer and I want to call my brother who is living in London. I log into my Jajah account at jajah.com, enter my brother’s landline or cell number and my landline or cell number. Jajah makes the connection and rings my phone and then my brothers phone over connections that are local to each of us.
See www.nctt.org/blog for complete note set.
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