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In this podcast we take a look at the emergence of broadband and wireless technologies over the past 20 years.

Mike: What lead to this podcast?

Gordon: It was an email from a colleague of ours - Mark at the MATEC NSF center. Here’s what he said:

I  was reading this PC Magazine article on why Apple stayed with AT&T (not happy about that since AT&T really stinks in Phoenix on coverage – if I remember correctly, one of the worst coverages and signals here.  In fact, Sprint is really the only company that works well by the mountains (where I live and work).  But the article stated:

CDMA, the way Verizon and Sprint are doing it, is a dead end. Apple hates dead-end technologies. They look forward, not back. Remember how they got rid of floppy disks earlier than any other PC manufacturer? The current CDMA technology that Sprint and Verizon use still has some years of life left on it, but it's not where wireless is heading.

Ok, so CDMA is dead.  But what is 4G?  And is all 4G using GSM?  Sprint is starting to advertise here of their 4G network.  I know 4G is faster.  But where is wireless going?  Is Sprint’s 4G the same as all the other’s 4G.


Ok, so hopefully this is a blog topic for you, but if not, I think you for the time on your answers.  Oh yeah, any idea when AT&T would go to 4G?

Have a great day,

             Mark from Arizona

Before we tried to answer Mark's questions we thought it would be a good idea to take a look first at where we’ve been over the past 20 years or so with a follow-up podcast on 4G technologies.



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