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In our last podcast we discussed the past 20 years and how things have changed when it comes to broadband and cellular wireless service. In this podcast we provide an update on 4G services including LTE and WiMax.

  1. I know we’re seeing Voice over IP services in our homes over wired connections. How about the wireless industry?
  2. LTE is considered a fourth generation wireless technology - correct?
  3. What's the history with LTE? How did it get started?
  4. How about some LTE performance details?
  5. Besides just bandwidth (whish is nothing to ignore), what would you consider to be the big difference between LTE and earlier technologies?
  6. So, LTE is faster and in a way similar. Could you summarize some of the major features?
  7. Now, WiMAX is a little different than LTE but still considered 4G. Can you explain?
  8. Wasn't WiMAX originally proposed as a stationary technology?
  9. But now WiMAX supports mobility?
  10. How would you describe WiMAX architecture?
  11. So, how would you compare WiMAX, LTE and 3G?
  12. So, we talked about Mark's dilemma in the podcast before this. Do you think 4G will help him?
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